Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India - Nurturing Brands for 20 years!

Excellent Social Coverage. Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India. Brand Storytelling. Driving Performance Oriented Growth. Effective. Measurable Strategies. Data Obsessed. Learn it All.

Specialized Teams. Professional. Credible. Result Oriented. 360 Degree Approach. On going Consultation. End-to-End Project Management. Orangus. Turned Around 2000 + Websites. National and International Clientele. Performance Driven Success Stories. Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India.

Some services provided by Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India include:

  1. Media Planning and Media Buying
  2. Online Advertising
  3. Guest Post
  4. Industry Journals
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Display Advertising
  7. Guest Post Outreach
  8. Link Building
  9. Google Advertisements
  10. Video Marketing and Film Production
  11. Landing Page Creation
  12. Press Release
  13. Online Reputation Management
  14. Email Marketing
  15. Website design and development
  16. Search Engine Optimisation
  17. Search Engine Marketing
  18. Social Media Marketing
  19. Influencer Marketing
  20. Branding Solutions for Corporates
  21. Print Designs
  22. Blog writing and amplification
  23. Newsletters
  24. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Key Digital Marketing Services

1. Search Engine Optimization Services:

Content development. Designing. Optimized Strategies. Surpass Billions of Searches. Authoritative. Organic. Expert and Professional Teams. More Website Traffic. New Customers. Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India. Drop in an email to know more about our plans starting at $ 300 per month and to get a Free Audit.

  • Latest onsite and off-site strategies for maximized Returns on Investment.
  • Achieve Higher rankings, sales lead generation, and increased revenues.
  • Award Winning Search Engine Optimization Services.

2. Content Marketing:

Efficient Content Marketing Services. Compelling Content. Visual Imagery. Retentive Content. Customizable Strategies. Analytical Tools for Measuring Performance. Build reputation, perception, and credibility. Dedicated and Expert Content Writers and Designers. Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India. Call us now to know how can we drive your business’ growth and position you as an Industry Leader.

  • Establish your Brand, Grow your Audience, Increased sales and Revenues.
  • Performance oriented Content Marketing Solutions- Blogs. Business Websites. Social Media Channels. Search Engine Optimization.
  • Create and Attract New Links.

3. Press Release development and disbursal:

Position your Brand as an Industry Leader. Regional, National, and International Media. Seeding and Communicating relevant business messages. Contextual. Clear. Precise. Real Time Communication and Execution of Press Services. Maximized Returns. Measurable Strategies. Reporting. Connect with us on Email to know in detail more about building your media image.

  • Media Mentions. Frequently Asked Questions. Interviews. Product Launches. Event Coverage.
  • Weekly reporting.
  • Experienced and Specialised Teams for credible Press Accreditations.

4. Website Design and Development:

User Friendly Online Assets. Functional. Interactive. Visually Superlative. Engaging Content. Simple Layout. 2000 + Websites Turned Around. National and International Clientele. Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India. Drop in an Email today to know more about our website design and development strategies, plans and pricing.

  • Customer conversion and New Lead Generation.
  • Measurable performance through Analytics and Metrics.
  • Get Returns on Your Investment.

Other Services provided by Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India include:

Brand Identity Solutions

As Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India, we help you develop your brand into the most important and powerful online asset. Our creative teams build powerful brand stories and identities for your business and help you stand out amongst millions of other businesses and your competitors.

Our customized strategies help you stand out and create an instant connection and engagement with your customers. We give a voice and visuals to your vision, goals, services, and offerings. Some of our services include:

  1. Logo designing
  2. Signage’s
  3. Marketing CollateralsPress Kits
  4. Press Kits
  5. Brand guides
  6. Stationery
  7. Brochures
  8. Newsletters
  9. Industry Journals
  10. Other brand value propositions

Influencer Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India help brands leverage the connectivity, influence, and power of social media influencers and bloggers. We create powerful strategies for you to leverage and drive word of mouth virality. We have a transparent work process, which gives you the maximum returns on your investments.

After understanding your business goals and objectives, we undertake a targeted segmentation of the intended audiences and influencers. We outline a huge network of online influencers across India across categories like Fashion, Gaming, Food, Travel, Gadgets, Technology, and Lifestyle, etc. These influencers are spread across Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, and YouTube, etc. These influencers are then finalized and brought on board to create and amplify quality content across platforms. Post this; we measure the total outreach, engagement, page visits, and conversations about your business.

Link Building

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India specialize in creating engaging and relevant Infographics, white papers, guest blogging, articles about your industry and business.

For you to get the highest possible search engine rankings, we create powerful, authoritative and targeted backlinks with worthy keywords. Experts and Professional marketing teams with Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India help you with promoting high quality business content to enhance the awareness about your brand, position its presence amongst other businesses and competitors and divert traffic to your website.

We handle the entire bandwidth of link building strategies. Our work cycle includes prospecting the best links, analyzing them in the context of your business strategies and goals, posting, and monitoring their effectiveness and performance, and reporting to you on a weekly basis. In consultation with you, we take corrective actions when and if required.

E- Commerce Solutions

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India deliver result oriented and performance driven strategies and results for our E-Commerce clients. Our plans are a mix of Website development, Social Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, etc.

To ensure better Returns on your Investments, we build and optimize E- Commerce solutions. These solutions help you in increasing revenues by driving traffic to your website at the least possible cost and maximum returns. We ensure that your brand reaches to only targeted and funneled group of audiences and not irrelevant databases.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India, through their experience, know that there are millions of searches done by people every single minute. They search for products, services, offers, solutions, information, etc.

We have specialized and customized strategies to position your business in these searches to help you build brand awareness refined positioning and direct new and worthy customers to your business on a long term basis. Our Pay-Per-Click Services include Google Remarketing advertisements, Google Shopping services, Google Search Advertisements etc.

Online Reputation Management

We understand that all businesses go through phases of negative reviews and publicity due to dissatisfied customer experiences and malicious competition. We take your reputation as our own. Our strategies help you in attaining 360 degrees social coverage and minimizing the negativity affecting your brand in the online space. Our strategies include the creation of microsites, social media properties, link building, articles, blogs, etc. to protect your reputation.

We help you develop a positive online presence and maintain it on a day-to-day basis. Through social listening technologies, we monitor customer conversations about your business and adopt strategies proactively. Our teams stay in touch with you and submit reports on a weekly basis and take corrective actions if required.

Orangus, A Top Digital Marketing Agency in India, due to its experience and credibility, is considered to be a ‘Go-to’ Company for information related to Digital Marketing.

FAQ in Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India

For you to understand the basics of Digital Marketing, we are attempting to answer and define some basic questions that people generally have in mind:
Why is Digital Media important?

Being in the digital marketing space offers tremendous opportunities for businesses- whether large, medium or small to enhance their presence, widen their client base, propel favorable impressions and conversations and ultimately increase their profits and revenues.

Some advantages of using this medium are:

  1. Attain new audiences who are relevant and worthy to your business.
  2. Achieve a global reach and not just be present regionally and nationally.
  3. Enjoy a better and more transparent reputation.
  4. Enjoy a better and more transparent reputation.
  5. Consumers retain digital marketing agencies for longer periods as compared to traditional marketing platforms.
  6. Digital Marketing plans are measurable.
What should I ensure before launching a digital marketing campaign?

Investment in Digital Marketing Campaigns involves not only financial investment, but your businesses’ reputation is also driven by it.

Before you launch any digital marketing campaign, you should ensure clarity on these:

  1. What is the objective of launching this campaign? Is it conversions, followers, likes, visits, impressions, etc.?
  2. Who are your intended target audiences?
  3. Have an in-depth understanding of the demographics of your intended consumers- their purchase patterns, their lifestyle, social preferences, buying preferences, age, networks, etc.
  4. What is your budget?
  5. Where do you want to be seen? This depends on the nature of your business and the goal of launching this campaign.
What are the most popular social media tracking tools?

It is important to track your strategies on digital media to know if you are on the right path. This is important to assess the returns on your investment and take corrective action if required.

Some of the most common tools are:

  1. Google Analytics: Google Analytics are used to measure the rate and volume of traffic that is diverted to your website as a result of your digital marketing strategies.
  2. Social conversations about your brand: Social listening is undertaken by Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India to understand what is being spoken about your brand vis-à-vis your competitors.
  3. Social CRM tools: Social CRM tools are used to measure the size of the community and the engagement that you are actually attaining post execution of digital marketing strategies.
  4. Relevance and Quality of Content: This can be measured by assessing the unique visitors visiting your website pages, the total number of pages viewed, time spent on the pages and relevant and conducive actions taken. These actions can be buying your products, services, or offerings, signing up for your email subscriptions, positively reviewing your business, etc.
What are the various digital marketing strategies adopted by Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India?

Some of the strategies that digital marketing agencies employ are:

  1. Online Brand Communication services:
    1. Website design and development
    2. Search Engine Optimisation
    3. Search Engine Marketing
    4. Social Media Marketing
    5. Media Planning and Media Buying
    6. Online Advertising
    7. Online Reputation Management
    8. Email Marketing
    9. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    10. Google Advertisements
    11. Video Marketing and Film Production
    12. Landing Page Creation
    13. Press Release
    14. Influencer Marketing
    15. Content Marketing
    16. Display Advertising
    17. Guest Post Outreach
    18. Link Building
  2. Offline Brand Communication:
    1. Branding Solutions for Corporates
    2. Print Designs
    3. Blog writing and amplification
    4. Newsletters
    5. Industry Journals
    6. Guest Posts
How can you measure the performance of Digital Media strategies?

To understand the performance of your social media investments, it is essential to understand some key metrics. There are a huge number of metrics that Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India use in multiple combinations.

For ease of understanding, they have been divided into three major categories:

  1. Revenue Metrics:
    1. Return on Investment
    2. Visit versus the Value Generated
    3. Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC)
  2. Conversion Metrics:
    1. Return visitors versus New visitors
    2. Average time spent on the site
    3. Conversion rate
    4. Average page views per visit
    5. Bounce rate
    6. Average page views per visit
    7. Cost per Lead (CPL)
  3. Traffic Metrics:
    1. Overall Traffic on the site
    2. Traffic sources
    3. Click Through Rate (CTR)
    4. Cost Per Click (CPC)
What are some of the top Digital Media Marketing tools that you can use?

Some of the best social media tools that businesses can leverage are:

  1. HootSuite: This tool manages multiple searches, brands, and pages and effectively manages automated scheduling, managing and reporting on your social media content.
  2. Radian 6: This is an Enterprise digital media application used by Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India for social listening, research, analytics and executing campaigns.
  3. Sproutsocial: This is a very effective social media management and optimization software for publishing quality content, engagement across all your social media platform presence, analyzing the performance of your strategies in comparison to your investments and analytics.