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SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon


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Rewarded as the #1 SEO company in Gurgaon.


We provide exceptional solutions beginning from scratch.


Innovating yet uniquely customized strategies for your business.


Data-driven solutions for the upliftment of your brand.


We follow trending updates.


Get 3X higher increased revenues than usual.

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SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon

Who Are We?

Grow your brand with the right team & let your revenue grow!

For Orangus India, there is only one page in Google’s search book which matters the most. Of course, it's the first page! We ought not to look any further than helping you stay a hold on the very first page. Our expert team ensures to work on your business dedicatedly until we make it a brand, everyone knows just by the name. Get detailed optimization services, audits, exceptional keyword research, and let your business bloom brighter in the era of high competition.

Once you get on board with us, we make sure to assist you with the best solutions and the right sprinkle of SEO services in Gurgaon.

  • Orangus follows more of on-page technologies followed off-page.
  • With improved techniques, we will ensure to expand your business.
  • Get high-quality backlinks generated.

Unified SEO Approach that can deliver a huge jump on your website!

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Local/International SEO

SEO strategy. Geo SEO. Focusing on the local market. SEO services globally. Generic keywords. Easy to target.

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Mobile SEO

Easy to access. Usable on all devices. Portable devices. Mobile SEO plan. Easy optimization. Better ranking.

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On/off-page SEO

Effective optimization. Domain authority. Analysis. On-site techniques. Off-page activities. SEO tactics. Earning backlinks.

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White-Hat SEO

Unique strategies. Avoid irrelevant techniques. Advance strategies. Focus on UX. Great content. Site performance.

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Technical SEO

SEO spider crawl. Organic search results. Technical aspects. Rendering of web pages. Google analytics. Page speed tools.

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YouTube SEO

High search relevancy. Encapsulated optimization. Video content. Video description. Effective subtitling. Closed captions.

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WordPress SEO

Reliable hostings. WordPress themes. Usage of tags and categories. SEO plugins. Permalinks.Rank higher.

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Content SEO

Searchable for new markets. Clear language usage. Formatting of URLs. Localized keywords. Translated content. Easy to read.

SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon

Features that we curate and infuse will let you stand out from the crowd.

Turn your general leads into potential customers with or impeccable SEO services:

Top-notch quality content

Keywords that would reflect your brand better.

Technical SEO strategies followed.

Guaranteed SEO results.

SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon

Why Choose us?

As mentioned, Orangus India is recognized as one of the best SEO agencies in Gurgaon. We have a long list of delighted and contented clients. Unlike other companies, we move differently. We begin planning from the scratch and keep on doing the same until you don’t get your desired results. From basic analysis to data analytical solutions, we do it all. We will monitor your website’s performance and traffic every start of the week to compare the improvement of the same. Get real-time results and grow your business better by choosing our SEO services.

SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon

How We Help?

Make More Sales With Our Long Lasting SEO Service Results!

Orangus India follows the most out-of-the-box and best SEO practices to help the interest of your audience keep intact and within the loop. We make sure to steer you away from any kind of irrelevant technique such as black-hat SEO. We are the best SEO company in Gurgaon, wherein we intend to adopt a comprehensive approach towards every brand we make Get more likely sales to your business, via the extensive use of relevant keywords.

We work with quality content and techniques for better results. What are you waiting for? Collaborate with the #1 SEO agency in Gurgaon today!

Search Engine Optimization Process

Our SEO Process to fulfil all your Requirements

Our Clients

Trusted by more than 6000+ clients globally!

Orangus India is entrusted as the best SEO service provider, helping businesses grow greatly since years and for years!

SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon
SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon
SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon
SEO Services Agency In Gurgaon

Get the best feedback, from our former clients!

We believe more in actions and results than in words.


Completed Projects


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Customer Satisfaction

I want to take a moment and appreciate the great efforts put in by Orangus India to make my business reach great heights. They have shown professionalism and great knowledge in regard to SEO practices. I underestimated the team on the initial front but soon I realized that it was a great decision to have hired them. The results my company has obtained up till now are undeniable and highly effective. Loved every step of the way. Thanks, team!

Rohan Sedan

It would be an understatement to state that Orangus India is the best SEO company in Gurgaon. Within just three months my business ranked on the first page of Google which was a major achievement for me. Over the 2 years, we have been just confident to have come up at this pace, but with Orangus India it was made possible today. They dedicatedly worked well and the company met its full potential accurately. Kudos to such professionals who have worked super well.

Nancy Mishra

From the start till the final outcome, I have always been indebted to Orangus India. The entire team is super helpful, and professional. It was such a pleasure to work with the. It is always hard to get on the first page no matter how much you try, but they started the project from the very start and it made it super easy and possible to have done. I would recommend them to every business owner yearning to have a recognized sphere! Hi5 team.

Kanav Chawla

Orangus India has been a fantastic asset to working on my online business/presence. Earlier the company which we were tied with, was not good enough until I met the team of Orangus India. The procedure followed was simple yet possessed a great deal. Would love to continue these services for many more years to come. Super impressed.

Karan Sethi

Learn More About Orangus India SEO services!

If you still don’t find an accurate answer, you can reach us via email or fill out the contact form.

No. Orangus India does not skip any step. We do not begin with keyword research at first, rather we first make a move over competitor analysis for a brand which is the most crucial step followed by in-depth keyword research. There are plenty of tools available for the same, but we make use of a paid tool that shows accurate results in accordance with your brand and competition requirements. With such software, we can easily part your brand and work on the same for its upliftment. Get easy search engine results with our strategies.

Yes. Once you get on board with us, we will discuss every strategy beforehand. Wherein, we believe, blogging is a great way to boost your brand which redirects to inbound marketing. Blogging is extensively used within SEO for on-page as well as off-page,. You can drive effective traffic pages and maintain the freshness of the web results being updated. Blogs that are shared on different platforms also bring better visibility which can be concluded broadly within an off-page optimization technique.

We do not assure anything to our clients. We work every day for building your brand’s reputation with the right concept right after the website is developed and its analysis is formed. The website is then indexed by an engine crawler which can consume a little time to get equal with keywords placed. Having impeccable hands-on page and off-page SEO, the results can be seen within less than 3 months. Orangus India can perform your SEO professionally, which can be easily attainable on the SERP. Once we do SEO professionally, you can see the results quickly and efficiently.

We, at Orangus India, offer minimal and affordable SEO services in Gurgaon keeping in mind assisting every client whether they come from a small business industry or big enough. For that matter, it shall be difficult to quote anyone's price range as of now, because everything depends on preferences and demands. Broadly speaking the prices of our SEO services generally begins from Rs.20k/- and can take up to a certain limit without a barrier. We have different packages with the start of Rs.20K/- followed by a business plan for Rs.30K/- until a pro plan having Rs.50k/-. These charges are set per month and can have additional services, more packages, and customizations as per the customer. Contact Orangus India today and give your brand the quality and quantity of services it deserves. We make sure to keep into account every detail mentioned.

Orangus India has been serving clients for over 5+ years and has an impeccable reputation in the industry. We have assisted over 6500+ projects till now and are willing to expand our horizons greatly. The best highlight of choosing Orangus is, we assure to provide you with timely delivery and the results will be shown to you within a short period of time. If you are still confused about whether to choose our services or not, you must browse through our testimonials to learn more about our services and contented clients. Choose the best SEO company in Gurgaon.

Well, there is not just one but many reasons why a broken link can affect your website adversely. The broken link is generally the representation of a 404 error page. If you join hands with our team of professional SEO we will make sure to follow authenticated techniques that can help bring back the ost identity of your business. Broken links can be exceptionally harmful to the search engine crawler as it has the tendency to reduce the rankings. This is why Orangus believes in simply removing such broken links from your website so you have a healthy strategy to be followed for a greater ranking prospect.

Of course. If you ask us to, we will. Though it will be a package created wherein you will be seeking SEO services along with content. We have an impeccable team of writers behind having years of experience in writing technical as well as non-technical content. Before proceeding further, we can discuss your preferences, and guide the writers to work in exactly the same manner as asked. We assure to infuse high-quality content which is absolutely plagiarism free and effective for your business. The content will also involve catchy headlines ad H1, H2’s to make it more optimized as per the software and for the readers to read and understand.

The team of Orangus India is backed by professionals who have nearly 10+ years of experience within the industry of creating, planning, and delivering exceptional SEO results. Starting from analyzing your past exercises, to current, and until competitor analysis, they take up every step for the success of your business ahead. Give the most to your brand by joining hands with Orangus India and our experts will take a complete note of where you dropped! Contact or email us today for further project details. We will make sure to assist you with nothing less than the best, as for us, your business success is our only success.


Get regular updates on how Orangus India moves, and how we can be the best pick for your brand development!

Every Business Deserves A Personal Touch. Have Unique, Get Unique With Orangus India!

Orangus India is known as the pioneer in delivering SEO services globally. We believe every business is different and requires a unique approach, and here we are, adding a touch to your untouched brand presence. Strike out the toughest competition and rise higher to achieve a unique, scalable, and effective business strategy. We believe in no shortcuts or delays, contact us right away for further details.

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