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We offer valuable industry experience, infusing organic and quality SEO services in Ghaziabad for better business leads.

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SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad


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Rewarded as the #1 SEO company in Ghaziabad.


Effective marketing strategy based on your business requirements.


Easily optimized existing web presence.


The local listing facility on maps and social media pages.


Get 3X higher increased revenues.


Following regular updates and ongoing trending tactics.

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SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad

Who Are We?

Outrank your existing as well as upcoming competitors, with us!

Orangus India is a well-established SEO service provider in Ghaziabad, where we intend to provide all our clients with growth-oriented approaches. Our tactics are unique, effective, and capable of deriving real-time results. Having SEO strategies is easy but having SEO tactics that are absolutely out-of-the-box, with the vision of outranking your competitors is bizarre. Target the right set of audiences with the help of our SEO visions and get to the top page of Google with us!

  • Orangus India believes in completing every project on time.
  • Our expertise ensures to help you achieve your new marketing goals.
  • Get technical support and audit at every new project and stage of your business.

Unified SEO Approach that can deliver a huge jump on your website!

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Local/International SEO

Local focus on small business. Easy to target geo-locations. Keywords are filtered internationally. Better ways to rank.

seo agency

Mobile SEO

Optimizing for better ranking. Easy visitor access. Proper mobile functions. Search console documentation. Focusing on every size of the screen.

seo agency

On/off-page SEO

Link building. Search engine results. Link popularity. Increasing domain authority. Right exposure. Publishing content.

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White-Hat SEO

Real SEO techniques. Improve search rankings. Advanced strategies. Claim your business listing. Optimization strategies.

seo agency

Technical SEO

Server configurations. Establishing credibility. Technical procedure to be followed. Easy crawling. Easy indexing.

seo agency

YouTube SEO

Keyword research. Intricate algorithm. Video optimizations. Engagement. Hashtags. Relevant descriptions.

seo agency

WordPress SEO

Relevant titles. Structured content. Easy to upload. Reliable hosting. Unique themes. Rank math integration.

seo agency

Content SEO

High-quality content. Effective keywords. Content optimization. Expertise in a specific market. SEO content optimization tools.

SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad

Unique features to help you stand out from the competition!

Your success is delivered via teamwork with technical expertise!:

High-rank keywords

Analyzing the website thoroughly

Infusing plagiarism-free content

Making most use of SEO tactics

SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad

Why Choose us?

Over the last past 5+ years, Orangus India has been known to be the best SEO service company in Ghaziabad. The team is equipped with a talented set of individuals who work hard enough to design and define your marketing strategy well. Starting from basic SEO objectives to complete business planning, we take every notion into account. Get your hands on the most skilled experts and professionals in the industry and get ready to inflate your business like never before.

SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad

How We Help?

We are a one-stop marketing solution provider for all your SEO service needs!

At Orangus India, every business we promote runs effectively. We follow only one rule which is to provide the services as preferred by the client. For us, client satisfaction is the utmost priority. We are regarded as the best SEO service agency as we help them gain better visibility and high potential customers ranging from small to big businesses. Get the most reliable and cost-effective marketing segment with us, and see how your business would take a major turn towards deriving organic results and traffic, well. Get in touch with the #1 SEO company in Ghaziabad today.

Search Engine Optimization Process

Our SEO Process to fulfil all your Requirements

Our Clients

Trusted by more than 6000+ clients globally!

Orangus India is entrusted as the best SEO service provider, helping businesses grow greatly since years and for years!

SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad
SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad
SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad
SEO Services Agency In Ghaziabad

Get the best feedback, from our former clients!

We believe more in actions and results than in words.


Completed Projects


Revenue Growth


Customer Satisfaction

Super proud of my team to have chosen Orangus India as our working partner. With due diligence and their work, our traffic on the website has increased by 66%. Earlier we were being downgraded but as soon as they took up the work, we are only upgrading. They have also curated fresh and great content. Loved the practices and unique techniques. Thank you, team! Outstanding work done.

Aarav Sinha

If you are looking for professional working partners for upscaling your business then Orangus India is the place for you. They offer such cost-effective services which are also very feasible and worthy enough to be used. Special thanks to the manager who kept the website updated. The team made various amendments to the site and marketing which was necessary and has also proven to be extremely helpful for us!

Shaila Grover

I am very obliged to write a few words for Orangus India. It was really nice working together. They are highly professional and truly supportive. I have never seen any other company being super courteous and helpful when it comes to solving queries every then and now. Apart from that, we were super satisfied with the results which were shown well within just 2 months of time.

Samiksha Singh

Needless to say anything. Orangus India is just the best SEO service company in Ghaziabad. We were able to keep a check on the improvements so easily as the promised growth stayed intact. I started getting customers from outside Ghaziabad as well, focusing on Delhi and the complete NCR soon. They are best with their SEO formulas and are complete professionals. Thumbs up for providing such great service and solutions.

Arunaksh Chaudhary

Learn More About Orangus India SEO services!

If you still don’t find an accurate answer, you can reach us via email or fill out the contact form.

Well, once you hire us, it is our duty to take every step of the way into account for building your SEO for your online presence for the upliftment of your business online. Though we follow every step with utmost perseverance. The process is long enough to look out for the results but we will make sure to provide you with the necessary details and steps for your knowledge Not that SEO is technical or any rocket science, but whenever you feel the need, we shall discuss the proprietary steps involved, with you.

Of course. We, at Orangus India, believe in infusing organic content only. We all know content is the king, to remain its liability it is essential to only upload organic and genuine content online. Whether it is for blogging or web content, our professional team of writers will study your brand accurately and ask you certain questions before curating your content. This ensures transparency from both ends. We ensure to create content that is SEO friendly and is highly beneficial for you and your business prospects. We will cover all the essential pages and information required to be uploaded and maintain the language well to be fully understood, ready, and acknowledged.

Yes. Orangus India moves forward by keeping every update in mind. We know how Google keeps switching and tricking every then and now. SEO’s main job is to follow along with the changes. Whether it started with Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Rankbrain, Possum, or passage ranking, product review update, spead updates, and the most recent, allowing ways to fetch video content files (2022)easily. We have staunchly followed every update to keep our clients' businesses contented in the competitive market of the digital era.

Of course. As mentioned above, we move steadily and step by step in order to deliver you the best. Helping you remain in the competitive world whilst outranking your competitors, we do every possible thing to carve the best for your brand. Initial analysis will help us understand your brand followed by having a complete competitive analysis for the growth and knowing the room for improvement. Contact us, and we will make sure to list your brand on the first page of Google. Every step taken by Orangus India is backed by our professional team to give a professional touch to your business ahead.

In such a technological era where everything has turned to be digital, it is essential to let your business take turns too. Without putting in much effort these days, with the help of the web, it is possible to do the same. Therefore, as promised, to make your business stand out from the crow, we will make the most use of SEO techniques. The kind of SEO that Orangus India uses is quite popular as through the same, our technical and whitehat techniques will help your business grow better on SERP. This way your customers know about the availability just by searching with a phrase. To build strong customer relationships, Orangus India is always here to equip you with the best.

Just like nothing is permanent in this world, the rankings and results can also change over time. Optimizing your website just once will not assure to help you stay at the forefront always. With such growing competition, it is essential for us to continue working for your website regularly. Updating your website with unique content and adding links to retain the position is recommended. We do not provide the utmost guarantee of the same, but we surely can warranty you that after various formulas we can get there, together.

Depending on the niche of your industry, Orangus India will staunchly work to deliver you nothing less than the best. We will identify high-quality keywords along with competitor analysis before finalizing and refining a complete set of keywords for you. With difficult keywords, each month we can help track those and keep working on the same to get you on the first page of Google.

Yes. Till whatever time the contract of your business is set with us, we will make sure to be highly determined and work for the upliftment of your business. Our team of professionals makes sure to assist you with the very best we can, which is why Orangus India provides a complete work guarantee and timely delivery for every client of ours.

If you are willing to give the right edge to your brand, you can email or contact us and we will be there to assist you appropriately!


Get regular updates on how Orangus India moves, and how we can be the best pick for your brand development!

Every Business Deserves A Personal Touch. Have Unique, Get Unique With Orangus India!

Orangus India is known as the pioneer in delivering SEO services globally. We believe every business is different and requires a unique approach, and here we are, adding a touch to your untouched brand presence. Strike out the toughest competition and rise higher to achieve a unique, scalable, and effective business strategy. We believe in no shortcuts or delays, contact us right away for further details.

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