Online Marketing Companies in India

Online Marketing Companies in India

Online Marketing Companies in India

Online reputation and best existence for the website. Effective Search Engine Optimization service. Advanced Digital Marketing services. Real results over search engines. Orangus, leading digital marketing agency. Adequate experience in web development and web designing services.

Best online internet marketing strategies. High-quality Digital Marketing solutions. Increase performance ratio with lead generation. Paid advertising and video submission services. Cost-effective PPC services from online marketing companies in India. Content writing services.

  1. Search Engine Optimization services
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Pay Per Click services
  4. Social Media Optimization services
  5. Content Marketing services
  6. Mobile Marketing services
  7. Link Building services
  8. Blog Creation and Posting
  9. Local Marketing services
  10. YouTube and video submission
  11. Email Marketing services
  12. Web Analytics service
  13. On page SEO services
  14. Off page SEO services


1. Search Engine Optimization services:

Technical SEO services. Off page SEO services. Content writing services for blogs and web pages. Effective link building services. PPT and video submission services. On-page configuration and off-page activities. Best Search Engine Optimization services.

Hire SEO experts for top search engine ranking | Get services for optimization of website

  • Get top search engine ranking with effective SEO strategies.
  • Well-optimized, search engine friendly websites.
  • Latest search engine optimization techniques for better online availability.

2. Search Engine Marketing services:

Search engine ranking. Marketing services. Url submission services. Easy search engine crawling. Better ranking and best results. Best Search Engine Marketing services from online marketing companies in India. Search Engine Marketing strategies and suggestions.

Get SEM experts for your websites | Get top search engine ranking with our SEM services

  • Marketing of website URL for search engine rankings
  • Efforts for best search engine presence.
  • Dedicated results among potential customers

3. Pay Per Click services:

Display advertising and cost per click services. PPC strategy development and PPC optimization. Campaign setup and smart ad placement. Right marketing efforts for better ad display. In-market and display keyword-based ads. Conversion Rate Optimization.

Hire experts for PPC ad creation and distribution | Get best PPC services from us

  • Amazing ad creation in a budget with suitable bidding.
  • PPC Keyword Research and keyword rich add creation.
  • Demographic and topic-based display ads with maximum conversions.

4. Social Media Optimization services:

Social strategy development and execution program. Social media maintenance and post creation. Creative media presence with an interactive global presence. Fan page creation with a potential fan following. Strong customer base on the social network. Best Social Media Optimization services.

Effective Social Media Optimization services | Social media marketing and advertising services

  • Business profile creation on social platforms.
  • Brand presence of business through social channels.
  • Potential customer interaction with a wide social network existence.

5. Content Marketing services:

Off-page and On-page content writing services. Web page content writing. Blog creation and updating services. Content writing for off page submissions. Classified and press release writing. Keyword rich interactive writing. Content Marketing services with online marketing companies in India.

Hire experts for Content Marketing services | Get content creation and marketing services

  • Effective content writing services for WebPages.
  • Content creation and promotion services.
  • Interactive and appealing content writing.

6. Mobile Marketing services:

The rich user experience on mobile devices. Lead generation through mobile platforms. Effective Mobile Marketing services. Amazing experiences for Mobile users. Easy access to mobile services. Marketing through mobile. Potential customer targeting mobile devices.

Hire experts for Mobile marketing | Effective Mobile marketing services for your website

  • Mobile-oriented advertisement creation and display.
  • Establishing a direct connection with potential users over mobile.
  • Goal oriented mobile marketing services for companies.

Highlighted services:

Link Building services:

Off-page SEO services. Quality link building with genuine sites. Content promotion and URL submissions. Article writing and directory submission services.

Search engine optimization services. Effective Link Building services. Link building with high page rank sites. Link building strategies.

Blog Creation and Posting:

Blog creation and content generation. Daily blog update. Google display management with blogs. Posting appealing content on blogs. Creating a strong fan page.

Company blog update. Guest post writing. Obtaining backlinks from top ranking blogs. Blog update for search engine ranking.

Local Marketing services:

Business listing and yellow page listing. Local marketing and local results. Targeting customer on location-based results. Local listing and marketing services.

Google map listing. Better local search display. Local Marketing services with online marketing companies in India. Local advertising services.

YouTube and video submission:

Online reputation management services with video services. Leading video submission on YouTube. YouTube video submission. YouTube video based results.

Appealing video submission. Video submission on top sites. Creation of strong customer base with video submissions. Tracking of video traffic.

Email Marketing services:

Result-oriented Email Marketing Services. Email marketing campaign management. Effective Email Marketing Services. Email message transfer for direct lead conversions.

Promotional message transfer and marketing automation services. Email marketing strategies and services. Email marketing plan and program. Email message creation and distribution.


1. Why should a company obtain Digital Marketing services?

When you are looking for a global online presence, you cannot survive without digital marketing services. When the right strategies for online marketing are formulated, it can bring success to the company in many ways. When a business plan is formulated depending upon the company and its users, it is sure that digital marketing can bring in the right traffic of potential users to a website for profit maximization.

When effective Digital Marketing services are to be obtained, one may trust experts from Orangus, the leading digital marketing company. Digital marketing is quite wide, and it can provide various benefits.

Some of the benefits of digital marketing are:

  1. It helps gain online brand presence with promotion on social media channels.
  2. It helps in establishing online brand awareness with ads, content posting, classified and forums submission, etc.
  3. It helps bring traffic and ensure maximum customer engagement which is done through direct email marketing or social media submissions.
  4. It helps obtain backlinks through SEO and link building submissions on high page rank sites.
  5. It helps in effective online reputation management by generating positive feedback and the removal of negative feedback.
  6. It helps in lead generation and sales conversion which is done with effective lead generation techniques.
  7. It can also help bring profit for the business.
2. What services does content marketing include?

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that includes the creation of interactive and readable content so that it can be advertised and promoted further. Content is king in the online world, and content marketing is a tool that is used to market content online. It is actually a search engine optimization technique that can help convey everything about the company and its product meaningfully. For effective online presence writing keyword, rich content is quite essential.

Efficient content writing is a habit of writing appealing content to attract potential customer to the website. It must be equally good to obtain a better ranking in search engines.
When content writing services are obtained from digital marketing agencies, it can include the following services:

  1. Content creation - Content creation is a tedious task that requires huge research and complete understanding of the topic. Appropriately created content can convey in an easy and appealing manner.
  2. Content promotion - Once the final creation of content is completed, its promotion is done. This may include content submission on various sites online.
  3. Content marketing strategies - It is important to analyze that content is to be created for which purpose. It is also important to make strategies for writing keyword rich content for online promotion.
  4. Content tracking - Once creation, posting, and marketing of content are completed, it is important to measure the success. This can help you know how improvement can be made to content in the future.
3. What is Email marketing and why it is beneficial?

Email marketing is an effective way of marketing through mail messages. It is an online promotional tool which is used for sending advertisement messages and promotional newsletters about the company. This may also include sending important notifications about company, product or an event. Email marketing helps send messages to a greater audience segment, and it is also a cost-efficient technique of marketing.

Email marketing is often obtained by companies because it has various benefits, some of which are:

  1. It helps send direct messages – Email Marketing let send customized messages to a dedicated group of users. It is possible to send direct messages about the company and its newly launched product to potential customers online with this technique.
  2. It ensures better conversions - With email, it is possible to send messages and also direct links relating to the new product or services of the company. With this, interested users can directly open the link to start purchasing.
  3. It is a nice way of communication - Emails have been the oldest known method of online communication which is still commonly preferred today. This can be used for advertising and professional communication.
  4. It helps create brand awareness – With emails one can send direct messages about the detail of brand and its products. This can help gain the right online popularity. Email marketing is a nice way for brand awareness.

When effective Email Marketing services are to be obtained, one may get it from online marketing companies in India.

4. How can Web analytics help a business?

Only having a presence online is not at all sufficient, it is sometimes very important to monitor the success of your website. This can be done with effective tools of web analytics. Web analytics is a tool that let monitor traffic on the website. This can help track user behavior so that the right implementation can be made to the website for their enhanced experience.

The services of web analytics are not merely restricted to tracking and analysis of website traffic, but it includes much more than this.
Web Analytics services include:

  1. Suggestions and help to Google Analytics tools – Other than providing help to analytics setup, it includes providing easy help to use an analytical tool for tracking your website performance.
  2. Easy tracking – This will include tracking the user sources, their devices, their locations; their stay time, etc. for a particular website.
  3. Formulating reports – It will help in the creation of a performance report by combing all data and information collected from graphics and charts of analytics.
  4. Maintenance and support – It will help you to bring in changes and improvement in your website to make it better for your users.
5. What are the important components of SEO?

In simple terms, search engine optimization can be called a technique used for optimizing a website for search engine rankings. A well-optimized website is more likely to obtain better and top ranking results in search, and this is the reason why SEO services are obtained. For better search engine ranking, website owner prefers getting best SEO services from online marketing companies in India.

SEO may include various techniques and strategies. It may also include various elements and components.
Some of the major components of Search Engine Optimization services are:

  1. Keyword analysis – When a website is to be optimized to rank on search engine, it is essential that it has the right keyword for which you wish to rank it on search engines. Keyword research can help you know which keywords are best for your website.
  2. On page optimization – On page optimization is an important factor of a website, it may include Meta tag creation, title tag creation, architecture, sitemap management, internal link, and alt tag creation, etc.
  3. Content Marketing – Content is a key component of SEO. A content optimized website is more likely to obtain better ranks in search engines. Content on the website must be interactive and keyword optimized.
  4. Off-page optimization – Off-page SEO optimization may include effective link building techniques. This is done to gain quality backlinks from various sources. Backlinks are important because search engine counts for backlinks to provide rank.

It may also include other important techniques that can be used for optimizing a website for effective search engine ranking.