Lead Based Marketing Service

Lead Based Marketing Service

Award Winning Lead Based Marketing Service

When you get a walk-in customer in your retail store; the probability of that customer turning into a ‘consumer’ is extremely high, right! These customers are called leads- any person who visits your landing page and fills in the enquiry form, expressing an interest to know more about your product/service.

At Orangus, we offer SEO and SEM services, which are geared towards leas generation for your business. The leads we generate for your business are good quality, solid leads; as our focus is to get customers who will voluntarily fill in a form with their contact details. We take a very precise and targeted approach to acquire more leads for your business.

Our team uses the right keywords that will be easily accepted whether in paid ads in attractive social networking sites, in major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing and MSN. We have decidedly trained professionals that make up a very firm SEO service.

It assure a high ranking in the search engine results which increments not only the websites demand but also the business’s popularity. And, as always optimization is our all time programs. We boost the ads to low cost of lead procurement.