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We intend to integrate your brand with the most unique services in every sector.

We, at Orangus India, transform your business starting from scratch. Once you choose our top-rated internet marketing services from an award-winning marketing company, you will be able to maximize the visibility of your brand online.

Our services are not just limited to providing you with the services you are ought to seek, rather provide you with a lifetime support to let your brand sustain and remain on the top.

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We are well aware of the fact, how important your brand’s voice is for you. Listening to our clients and their business requirements is our very first priority.

Once we are well-known to the requirements of your brand, we will move forward with the motive to create a unique strategy which will increase the demand for your business profile and services proffered online.

Throughout the process of planning and implementation, we ensure the final design meets your particular needs in order to equip you with quality leads.

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We, at Orangus India, believe in deriving organic traffic with the implementation of genuine strategies which would result in authentic results.

Join us to seek top-notch user experience results without compromising any performances based on our exquisite research and implementation.

Our set of expert professionals are right here to assist you with everything you require, in order to maximize the will of your brand.

Key Services in Web Designing

Orangus is a leading web design agency in Delhi, which offers services all over the world. We have a team of dedicated professionals who assist all our clients, in the best possible way.

  • Website Designing Service By Orangus India

    Magento Websites

    • Magento is an extremely powerful and ever-growing formula that is a perfect option for an individual to grow their future.
    • There is a wide availability of different kinds of Magento themes that bring you way more than ready-made UIs. The availability of top Magento templates is also readily established and provided by us to serve stunning user experiences with multiple niche-related extensions and UX-boosters.
    • Benefits of using Magento Websites
    • Magento delivers an utmost versatile content management
    • Since it is a virtual-based page editor, it is considered a versatile content management platform. This moves forward with a basic toggle option that says WYSIWYG, broadly speaking- What you see is what you get.

    • Mobile friendly
    • It is extremely mobile-friendly as the Magento shopping carts are developed in the most responsive format which makes it easy to navigate, use and shop on different digital devices.

    • Advanced SEO
    • Having a relevant Magento website, our SEO experts will make sure you receive the best SEO services with an ongoing flow of organic traffic. The platform is built seamlessly in the most unique manner which adheres to the guidelines of SEO efficiency giving your products a boost to greater marketing success, to get appeared on the platform successfully.

    • Powerful and spacious
    • The best highlight is to get yourself equipped with a Magento website with our website experts in a manner that Magento has an innate tendency to store up to 500,000 products on one single site which you are running. Magento is purely efficient and widely used as it also has the ability to assist and handle nearly 80,000 orders per hour. It is essential to keep in mind that Magento sites are way different than other sites, due to the reason that it requires special and optimal hosting.

    • Easy third-party integrations
    • It is important to connect to your customers alongside your customer’s customers for better sales. Lay your hands on an exquisite eCommerce experience with eBay, Paypal, p, Google Shopping, QuickBooks, Mail chimp and more. The platform will allow any shop owners to add Google Analytics or your desired third-party integrations to their site to aid in data analysis.

      Know-how the relevant features associated with the creation of Magento websites, as mentioned below:
    • 100% responsiveness
    • Easy browser compatibility;
    • Simple and beautiful premade layouts for Home Page, Gallery, and store pages.
    • Enhanced navigation

    Dynamic Websites

      These are majorly used for scripting purposes, which is done through the combination of two or more sides.
    • The most common script majorly known as client-side scripting is regarded as a code that is executed by the viewer’s browser. This scripting like JavaScript is responsible for rendering changes to a particular webpage which acts as a legitimate response to take more than one action with it.
    • Server-side scripting, on the other hand, is regarded as a code that is executed by the server before it ought to send any kind of content to the viewer’s browser. This will affect the webpage especially when it is overloaded or visited, like with login pages, submission forms, and shopping carts.
    • Common Elements of a Dynamic Website:
      We have the most promising web designers in Delhi, available at Orangus India, wherein they only move forward with a motive to deliver the most unique and worthy website.
    • Changing format according to screen size: In comparison to dynamic and other websites, it does not take much effort to change the format according to your screen size, rather it allows a website to help elevate your pages and content, which must be engaging and relevant enough for your visitors. Changing the format will also include minimal changes also, such as rearranging buttons, reformatting the text, typography, and many more.
    • Language changing according to the country location: With the use of wide and plenty of web tools, your dynamic website will also ask for the changes in language as reviewed by a visitor depending on the county/location.
    • Integration of social media: The best and the most unique way is to add new social media page plugins which will display your unique content. This will also ensure how active you are on the grounds of social media, as the addition of such practices also feeds Google and other search engines to work more efficiently and crawl better.
    • Location: When it comes to the creation of dynamic websites, it is a must for an individual to check through with the location as Google makes sure to track the IP address or GPS location which will in return help to tailor-fit results for relevant search queries.
    • Search Ads: This is another powerful measure taken which is also known as PPC. This ensures the authenticity of your website along with organic search results in the customization to the user and its location. Different search ads are uploaded in accordance with the search query.
    • Benefits of Dynamic Websites
    • Easy and personalized browsing: This is one of the biggest benefits when it comes to managing or having a dynamic website presence. You can have the easiest browsing experience alongside having to browse through the recently-viewed products, demographics, and relevant location.
    • Elevated professional look: If you are on the go to have a professional user experience, then you must have access with the use of a static website that carries all the above-mentioned elements. This way the aesthetic and the interactive ease of a website is made through to provide impeccable functionality with a professional look over a website.
    • Easier to maintain: Content management system, broadly known as CMS which provides a clear database for easier content to be visible on the webpage. Such sites are also considered to be useful with the script languages which intend to directly contact informational databases. This way, you can easily upload or update your content with the addition of backgrounds, design elements as well as editing without the help of coding at the backend.


    If you are someone who has got a keen knack to build your expertise especially in the building of a website, then you must come in contact to know how WordPress has been considered to be an essential and common way to showcase your talent at. Plenty of people are right here to showcase their personal experiences or talent via the help of blogging on a WordPress site.

    How WordPress is Considered to be an Essential Platform?
    • WordPress is Free
    • The WordPress software is absolutely free. All you have got to do is to, easy download, install, signup, and create and modify the dashboard according to your needs. Just choose the easy and the most relevant domain and hosting name as the hosting will decide your home’s name, where all your files are stored for a lifetime.

    • WordPress is easy to use and is customizable with various Themes and Plugins
    • The reason why the maximum number of people are currently in the use of WordPress as web design programmers. Various folks start with the use of WordPress, without any prior knowledge, but you can still customize and make your website look easy and attractive as a solution that there is a wide availability of thousands of free templates that you can easily choose from. Whether you are willing to start with your blog, service, or product page, the panel will allow you to come forward with various other things to edit such as Logos, colors, background, and more.

      You can also add customized plugins where you can use them with a minimal and affordable amount. The plugins available are equipped with advanced features such as analytics, membership area, contact form, and more.

    • It requires no coding at all
    • Create beautiful sliders and aesthetically appealing site/themes which require to be customized and require simply no coding at all. This is by far the best highlight of WordPress.

    • WordPress is SEO Friendly
    • The content is written in such a manner that the standard is high-compliance with the production of semantic markup which is compatible with the search engines. Browsing and searching only in a design format, WordPress is considered to be extremely SEO friendly, unique, and out of the box. You can also make the most use of WordPress SEO plugins to further optimize your website

    • WordPress is safe and secure
    • WordPress is considered to be essentially safe as it is developed with security in mind. If you want to run a website successfully, then WordPress is the most secure platform. Just like the real world, sometimes even the protocol as the internet can be an uncertain place.

      Although being equipped with intruders who are willing to lay their hands on as many sites as they could, WordPress is the most appropriate platform amongst all.

    • WordPress has the ability to handle different media types
    • WordPress does not limit its services to only writing. It also comes in a broader range with a built-in media uploader from which you can directly handle and upload images, audio as well as video files. The site is essentially embedded via Youtube videos, Tweets, Instagram Photos, Posting editor, and many more!


    HTML broadly stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is a standard that basically describes the structure and presentation of information via the Internet.

    The Roots of HTML

    There are plenty of web pages that are entirely written in HTML, as it provides dynamic and interactive applications. As a markup language, HTML moves forward with a mission to provide a set of general rules which are readily available and bound to suggest how content should look when rendered. Sooner, the important addition to HTML was made, when a subset namely SGML- was added, namely Standard Generalized Markup Language.

      Advantages of HTML
    • Easy to learn and use: HTML is the most basic yet easiest language to understand especially in the field of web designing in Delhi. It contains simple tags, which contain nothing hectic for you to process deeply. Moreover, no extra or additional errors are visible when working with HTML.
    • HTML is free: Just as WordPress, HTML is also free of cost with no hidden charges in regard to the software. It also does not require any special plugins. If you are willing to make a mark in your career, then HTML is proven to be extremely useful and cost-effective.
    • It is supported by all browsers: HTML is a basic markup language that reduces the parsing time and is easily crawled and accessed by web crawlers which reduce the parsing time while you surf to improve the performance of your website.
    • HTML can be integrated easily with other languages: If you are using HTML on a broader platform that is integrated with multiple languages and does not create any issues in it. This might include Javascript, Php, CSS, and many more.
    • HTML is considered as a lightweight language: As long as it increases the web page content, and crosses its limitations, the HTML is considered to be extremely lightweight and faster to download.
    • Instant display changes: This is by far the biggest advantage of HTML, which helps to change and reload the display easily and efficiently. If you change any word or font on the spot, right after refreshing it will change automatically.
    • HTML is a user-friendly language: One does not require to have any prior knowledge of this language. Understanding simple English and basic coding are sufficient to work with it. We, at Orangus India, make the most extravagant websites, whichever type/category you may choose to seek services in.
    • HTML is derived to transform the format of how the web elements are required to be displayed. ​To make the content visible, you will have to save your file with .html or .htm extension. Using these extensions, you can simply run it by choosing the option to open with any browser.​ HTML is regarded as the best option to develop a webpage or website for a small or growing business to invest more in purchasing software or its license.


    Learning a new programming language can be a bit of a daunting task, but once you get through the learning, you will be able to achieve milestones. PHP generally refers to Hypertext preprocessor, which is considered to be an appropriate scripting language used for easy access to your web pages. Talking broadly about PHP, our experts recommend using the language onto tech and savvy giants like Wikipedia, Tumblr, Facebook, and more.

    When comparing HTML with PHP, PHP allows one to code where you will be capable of taking data or manipulate the ways to create unique output that a user would desire. Once you have successfully gained knowledge of PHP thoroughly, you will also be able to easily grasp the knowledge of languages like MySQL, SCC, JavaScript, HTML, and more.

      Reasons to use PHP language
    • The best way to learn PHP in detail comes into account as the language is open-source and the language is free.
    • PHP is the shortest learning curve as compared to languages like ASP, JSP, and more.
    • PHP runs with server-side scripting where you will be bound to install the server easily and efficiently.
    • PHP has built support for working easily and hand-to-hand via MySQL.
    • It is a cross-platform which enables you to deploy your application with different operating systems namely Linux, Windows, Mac, OS, etc.
    • Areas where PHP is widely used:

      Since PHP is an open-source cross-platform, we provide web designing services whilst keeping all the security in mind. You can use methods that will help to run PHP where you can execute your scripts through a web server where the output is a web browser.

    • Server-side scripting: This is the traditional and the most widely used side where PHP can be used. There are three major prerequisites that are required to make things work that are inclusive of PHP parser. In this manner, a web server has a tendency to get easily connected with the web browser, whilst viewing the page through this particular server.
    • Command-line scripting: This is another area where the script can easily run without the help of any browser or server. All you will be required to do is to get a PHP parser in order to recognize the most appropriate yet ideal platform for scripting which is used regularly to be executed with the use of Linux or task scheduler. These scripts can be used to perform simple text while processing different tasks.
    • Writing desktop applications: PHP is the most preferable language which helps and enables to the creation of easy and feasible desktop applications. If you are already an expert and are well-versed in this arena, or are willing to seek services from us, then you will be acquainted with know all about the graphical user interfaces.


    React is considered as an impeccably outstanding JavaScript library, which has taken the development community of web designing from nothing to everything. In simple terms, with the help of React, the lives of developers are made quite easy and simple. There are plenty of companies present worldwide, which are run smoothly with the use of React. These may include big company names such as Airbnb, Netflix, and more.

    With the use of JavaScript and libraries, you can easily build UI components that have a tendency to interact with each other. A react component can be a class-based component, majorly known as a functioning component.

      Understanding the virtual DOM

      Before you wish to start with your basic coding and sessions, React uses a virtual DOM which will help a page to render. If you are well-equipped and familiar with JQuery, then you will be liable to manipulate a web page directly with the help of HTML DOM.

      Know-how our experts burn the midnight oil to satisfy you with nothing but the qualitative services, where React is periodically compared to the virtual DOM and the HTML DOM. React will ensure you match with the virtual DOM where the rendering is consistent with 60 frames per second, which results in a user experience with no lag.

      Prerequisites to React:

      Before you move ahead with getting your React site build, you must have a great knowledge of React, which might include:

    • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
    • JavaScript fundamentals
    • Familiarity with JavaScript ES6 features
    • Advantages of React:
    • Creates dynamic web application: In order to create a dynamic web application, you must know the strings attached with HTML. React requires less coding which in turn provides authentic functionality for extension namely JSX (JavaScript Extension) which is consistent with the particular syntax of HTML. The code of JSX intends to be translated to the regular JavaScript version of itself at runtime since the browser can’t read it.
    • Performance enhancement: we are bound to create authentic React JS websites which accumulate to improve the performance of DOM. As mentioned, this cross-platform is a programming language that deals directly with API, XML, HTML, XHTML. React JS is readily available to solve certain errors and existing bugs to enhance performance rapidly.
    • Reusable components: Since the web application is made of multiple components, considering every logic, it is necessary to know about its controls and basic logic. The components are considered to be extremely responsible for the reuse of HTML coding. The components rest and are nested to allow complex applications to be built with simple and basic building blocks. The existing virtual DOM works super fast which not only changes individual DOM elements of reloading DOM.
    • The support of handy tools: Our web developers in Delhi are designed in an exclusive manner which has gained wide popularity with the presence of handy tools. The support of handy tools will allow you to select basic components which will later examine and edit the state and props.


    Java is considered as the most common programming language, which creates various kinds of platforms and web applications. It is majorly used to build applications that are responsive towards laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and more. Java is also considered as a networking key language in particular to data centers that absorb, control, and then transfers the data. Java programming is also used to create dynamic and miniature programs which are embedded towards web pages.

      Advantages of Java programming
    • It is designed to enable and develop portable, high-performance applications
    • You will be able to write powerful and efficient coding for mobile applications.
    • This will help you to develop server-side applications with various online forums, polls, stores, pages, and HTML.
    • Java is a robust technology that can be used as the sole programming language for an application,
    • In comparison to Java, JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language that adds better functionality.
    • Java has an abundant API that consists of different packages, Java classes, and interfaces which are regarded useful to construct applications without any necessary implementation of certain executions.
    • Powerful development tools: The basic integrated development environment (IDE) present in Java, is bound to facilitate different software programs majorly known as Eclipse and Netbeans.
    • Independent platform: This is another platform that is independent source code that is converted to byte code via code compiler which can be implemented using different platforms with the use of Java Virtual Machine.
    • Why is Java a popular choice in this modern world?

      The answer primarily lies with the extensive updating, testing, and consistent delivery of how Java has been ubiquitous. Our experts in web designing state that Java has been tested, refined and forwarded by a dedicated community of Java developers, who work at our company in the backend. Java is designed to enable the process and development of fundamental tenets which will overarch via cross-platform interaction. By creating such heterogeneous applications, which can provide better services to boost overall productivity with user-end compatibility.

      Basic statistics of Java over the years:
    • 97% of Enterprise Desktops have an innate ability to run Java.
    • 89% of Computers in the U.S. run Java.
    • 9 Million Java Developers worldwide.
    • This language is regarded as one of the most remarkable and the number 1 choice for developers.
    • 3 billion mobile phones run Java.
    • Blu-ray Disc Players Ship with Java, the authenticity of 100%.
    • Currently, there is an availability of over 5 billion Java Cards in use.
    • We are the experts in creating variant types of websites in Delhi. If you wish to seek services in regard to Java programming, you can choose the best website designing company- Orangus, available in Delhi-NCR.

    Python Programming

    Python language is considered to be simple and easy to learn. It is versatile as it allows third-party libraries which will allow you to use Python for machinery and web processing. Python can be easily stored, manipulated, and displayed data from its data-focused libraries.

      Advantages of Python:
    • Easy to learn, read and write
    • Python is regarded as a high-level programming language that has various English-like syntax associated with it. Once you start having access to websites curated with Python, you will be requiring fewer lines to code with other major languages such as C/C++, Java, and more.

    • Improved productivity
    • Due to the simplicity of Python, developers gain improved productivity which can focus on solving problems. Excelling in Python, you will not be required to spend too much time understanding the syntax language. You will be writing less code and get more things done.

    • Dynamically typed
    • Until you won’t run the code, you will not be able to catch the variable of the python. Once the code is in a successful running condition, it will automatically assign the data type during execution.

    • Free and open-source
    • Just like WordPress, and HTML, Python is also an open-source framework. This is an OSI-approved open source license, which you can easily download and source code, via which you are all set to proceed further and code easily. This framework is considered to be essentially useful for organizations that are willing to modify some specific behavior and use their version for development.

    • Support of vast libraries
    • The standard library of Python is huge, which supports vast libraries which you can find at any corner for almost all the functions needed for your task. The entire coding is dependant on the existing libraries.

    • Python Security
    • The security of Python is regarded as high-end security programming where developers are bound to use OWASP- the greatest python security projection. This is not super easy to understand, it will take a lot of time for one to master with OWASP, but once done, it is worthy of implementing almost everywhere. This security projection will make the Python code and content build in the most unique manner which is super hard to crack, attack, or manipulate. Various developers have the ability to use black-box analysis and white-box analysis which act as high-end security-resistant python angles.

      People use the OWSAP code freely and efficiently, ever since it was incepted. The license which has been passed via this is Apache 2.0 Code that contributes to various attributes which you can change and modify later on.

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Web Designing Service Delhi Tools Used
Web Designing Service Delhi Tools Used
Web Designing Service Delhi Tools Used
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Projects Completed




Google Ads & HTML

Targeted Landing Pages for Industrial Metal Business.


Multiple PPC Ads

PPC Lead Gen Expert with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, & LinkedIn Experience


Social Media

Digital Marketers in the Art Niche



complete audit of law firm's digital presence.


Google Ads & HTML

Targeted Landing Pages for Industrial Metal Business.


Multiple PPC Ads

PPC Lead Gen Expert with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, & LinkedIn Experience


Social Media

Digital Marketers in the Art Niche



complete audit of law firm's digital presence.

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Rigorous Planning:

We have a group of experts who have years of experience with advance planning to amplify your business’s voice.

Our first and foremost step lies in analyzing what your brand speaks about.

We plan monthly campaigns 3 weeks in advance, to avoid end-time hindrances.

Our rigorous planning includes building a fluid culture for addressing your needs starting from inception till the final call.

This will also include curating different social media campaigns and up-to-date SEO solutions to help make your business better.

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Robust Technologies:

We innovate, integrate, and indulge your marketing strategies to derive better results for your brand.

We use the latest yet most up-to-date technologies to ensure your business gains great search results.

Our backend staff is readily available to identify your target market and get to work making your web presence more visible.

Our SEO and Web Design technologies are carefully curated to meet the design standards of your business needs and requirements.

We follow the latest Google Algorithms and work efficiently in accordance with that, alongside working hard to provide you with eye-catching responsive websites.

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SEO Service Delhi Advantage

Effective Results:

We take every step with utmost perseverance to add life to your business.

We believe in delivering effective results that are data-driven and bounded to deliver our clients with nothing but quality services.

We have an exquisite record of structure and transparent workflow with all our clients who have been associated with us over the years.

Our best-in-class services help our clients to build and gain a strong digital presence, along with improvised SERP, and the creation of an excellent brand value.

We take pride in delivering unconventional performances for our brands by building their presence in the midst of a larger target audience.

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Naman MehtaTestimonials

Orangus India is the right platform to reach whenever one is willing to get their websites designed. Thanks to their knowledge and determination, my website looks great and functions really well. The best part was, it is easy to navigate yet still shows the headers and menu bar creatively,

Web Designing Service Delhi Reviews

Arun RajputTestimonials

Finding the right web designer is a daunting task, but when we reached a platform like Orangus India, the site was created very quickly and changes that we wanted were made immediately. Within three months my website was on the first page of Google, which was my biggest achievement till now.

Web Designing Service Delhi Reviews

Simran Garg Testimonials

From the very start to finish there was always a strong level of respect & understanding for the goal at hand. Working closely with Orangus India, really took our website to the next level!! Their skillset in web design isn't something you must acknowledge every day.

Web Designing Service Delhi Reviews

Yash KumarTestimonials

Having a web presence is not the only thing you need to accelerate your business, rather it is important for an individual to grow more, every day. In that regard, I worked with Orangus India and was able to derive organic traffic within a short period of time. Along with web design, they also took care of providing 360 degrees SEO for my online business.

Web Designing Service Delhi Reviews

Siddhant KaushikTestimonials

I have no words to explain the magnificent and professional work that Orangus India has provided to me. They are present in the industry for years, which also reflects their expertise in the work they do and provide. The services provided were impeccable and outstand

Web Designing Service Delhi Reviews

Neha SharmaTestimonials

The designers and developers working at Orangus India are professionals. They understand your vision easily and make it a reality. The layouts and designs are fantastic. I have nothing but praise and the highest recommendation for them.

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Web Designing Service Delhi Partners
Web Designing Service Delhi Partners
Web Designing Service Delhi Partners
Web Designing Service Delhi Partners
Web Designing Service Delhi Partners

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Web Designing Service Delhi Payment method
Web Designing Service Delhi Payment method
Web Designing Service Delhi Payment method
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We believe in making long-term relations with all our clients whether we cater to small or big businesses. The minimum duration of the contract starts from 6 months to a lifetime. We provide service support even after your site is built.

How long will it take to get the website designed?

The minimum duration to design your website will nearly take 10 days for our professionals. We ensure that the layout is well-defined, unique, and adheres to the classic requirements of your business. The duration may vary in regard to the number of web pages.

Do you only create WordPress websites?

We are not only limited to creating WordPress sites but have also expanded our horizons over the years. Whichever website you may come up to us, we will deliver you creating the right design. We have expertise in Magento, Dynamic, HTML, PHP, WordPress, and many more.

Will you maintain the site?

If you also tie-up with us for a long-term commitment, being the best web design agency in Delhi, w enough to keep a check, monitor, and analyze your website’s performance from time to time, in order to create valuable insights for you to let your brand bloom high.

How much does designing a website costs?

A basic and generally web design may cost Rs.10k/-. The prices may increase depending on the design you choose and the number of pages a website carries. Our professional web designers are readily available to assist you in such a manner that will redefine your brand in the best possible way.

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