Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine if Dominos didn’t have online ordering; if Amazon was a shop in Nehru Place & if Gmail was a private courier service. Just imagine!

The Indian online market has reached the fat figure of 243 Million internet users in June 2014. In today’s date, a website serves as a dynamic & 24×7 accessible visiting card. And it’s a fact, if people are looking for a service or specific item, they will surely search for it online. And, with the help of experts from Orangus, having your company in the search results points the spotlight to your deliver-ability & brand value.
‘Responsive’ means creating a web page that resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through like an oversized desktop monitor, a laptop or devices with small screens such as smartphones and tablets.

Orangus utilizes cutting edge technology to provide Hi – End digital spaces with the optimal viewing experience. Choose from a wide range of Vibrant, Aesthetic templates best suited for your brand image. Our development team would be more than happy to customize each page to your liking.
On the World Wide Web, 7 social media portals stand out as being the most used & frequented by online users.

The experienced team at Orangus, provides expert Online Marketing Services in India, manages, maintains, updates & iterates each of these portals so as to provide high scale engagements & trends for your brand.
Orangus customizes each digital blueprint according to your target audience type. Every communication agenda has a specific plan of action, especially for guaranteed results. Sure, sharp & short solutions to reach out to your advocates, is Orangus's promise.
We see optimized websites on a day to day basis. Each and every website requires a tuning up to ensure it is recognized & qualified by search engines & analytics driven accreditation. Consumers subconsciously can differentiate between a standard website and an optimized web space within the blink of an eye . This has led to organizations realizing the need to be in tune with digital marketing protocols since it invariably contributes to the Brand Image & Recognition in today’s time & age. So it comes down to either being a hard-worker or a smart-worker. You decide.