How Does an SEO Company in Ahmedabad Perform Audit? SEO is an undeniable essential aspect when it comes to focusing on marketing a strategy in 2022. Whether you are a full-fledged business owner or willing to launch your startup, then it is essential for you to hire an SEO company in Ahmedabad.

SEO Company in Ahmedabad
SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Choosing the right company which holds years of experience in the underlying field and promises to take your brand to another level, will surely add flying colors to your business. Any marketing strategy can be proven to be effective for your business but none is stronger than following the authentic techniques of SEO and its powerful measures. 

If you are stuck on choosing the best SEO company in Ahmedabad, then you may not search any further and hire Orangus India. As purely as the name suggests, Orangus is a 5-year young SEO company that has assisted plenty of clients from every industry. Whether your project is small or big enough, the professionals are ever-ready to serve you with nothing but the best.

Their SEO packages speak for themselves and their utmost quality work. Whatever and however they promise to provide you with will make sure you reach your goal within the desired time frame.

The best highlight about Orangus is that they move step-by-step. SEO is a long process that requires complete consistency and helps the best when moving following each step carefully. SEO audit is the very first step that helps to move forward in creating the right strategy.

The SEO company will thoroughly evaluate your website, and look for certain loopholes and a room for improvement within the same. 

What is an SEO audit?

Broadly speaking, an SEO audit helps to assess and understand the perspective of the client’s business, by getting the right idea of what parameters are required to be worked at. This helps the client to know and understand the client market and different ways to optimize the same. All future steps are taken after the necessary audit only. If your are searching for the best SEO agency in Bangalore then you are at the right place visit

The right SEO company in Ahmedabad will make sure to hold SEO audits from time to time which will enable them to keep a record and track of the improvement if any. This will also ensure to cross-check whether the rankings are dropping or increasing with the ongoing activities. Checking this will prove what measures need to be changed, altered or modified to make a difference in the rankings, in a purely positive way. 

Understanding how an SEO company in Ahmedabad performs the auditing:

Generally, SEO audits work the best once they are followed within the right sequence. Maintaining the same, an SEO company in Ahmedabad, namely Orangus, also runs smoothly following the sequence. Below are the standard steps mentioned:

  • Understanding the requirements of the client market: Every SEO company in Ahmedabad must proceed by comprehending the client’s requirements and needs, first. After thoroughly understanding what they want, the next step is to set up a good base for the audit. An effective SEO audit will clear up the improvement phases and many other things, which are required to be cleared at the start of the project.
  • What shall be audited: Pretty much, everything needs to be audited. Although with the customization process, the requirement of the client plays an essential role. For some client’s the content might be fussy which shall cause a dip in the rankings as well as traffic, while on the other hand, maybe SEO activities or URL errors are a hurdle. It could be anything ranging from internal to backlinking or general technical issues which can lead to a huge dip in the website. To know what needs to be audited, you must have giant leaps in regard to digital optimization, led by an effective SEO company in Ahmedabad. 

One essential thing to keep in mind while auditing the site is, for instance, if at first, you audit one parameter of the website, you must set a goal to cover other parts in a certain period of time. Focusing on all SEO parameters is a big necessity and should be the sole priority. Although every premium SEO company in Ahmedabad, recommends that SEO audits should be done regularly. 

  • Usage of the tools to be conducted for the audit: Without the extensive usage of digital marketing tools, no audit is possible enough. We can derive results manually too, but they do not work in the right manner as much as tools exceptionally perform. For SEO audit, tools play an important role to extract valuable information and insights in order to receive more information that is relevant enough. Some of the most common tools which are used are,, UberSuggest, SEMrush, ScreamingFrog, MySiteAuditor, and many more. It is absolutely up to the company which tool they are willing to choose to browse through for completing your audit in an effective manner. 
  • Set an accurate date range: As a full-fledged SEO company in SEO, you will be required to have your dates set. An audit is something that necessarily requires to be analyzed well. Using a proper date will allow you to compare the data of other findings for a previous timestamp. This works exactly like a monthly or maybe a quarterly comparison for the improvement of your client’s business. This is beneficial to draw conclusions. 

Well-renowned SEO companies in Ahmedabad will choose the effective metrics and some of the common parameters to know about organic traffic value, backlinks, and quality, keyword rankings, visitors, etc. Hire the best SEO agency and know what all necessary measures are yet to be taken for the upliftment of your website. 

  • Understanding the competition: This is a must-have formula that helps to aim towards recognizing quality SEO strategies that are opted by your competitors. For the matter of fact, premium SEO companies in Ahmedabad, strive to optimize the client’s digital presence. Once the entire scenario of understanding the market domain is done, you are all ready to take the necessary steps required to boost rankings. In this manner, the data intends to become more clear. If you choose the right SEO company in Ahmedabad, they will make sure to have better strategy resources. With exclusive competitor analysis, you can conduct a comparison aspect. With effective comparison insights hand in hand, the right SEO company will be exceptionally useful. 
  • Drawing effective conclusions: Once the company you have hired has acquired all the data, it comes to quantitative and qualitative insight technology via the audit. You must ask questions from your SEO company whenever you wish to seek any knowledge.
  • Action plan establishment and its implementation: Make sure the company you choose prioritizes every task which is based on the severity. In order to follow with the severity, every task is arranged with maintaining proper resources, defined for every specific task. Once every task is thoroughly defined, certain measures are taken into account, in order to reach traffic and search rankings, rapidly. Auditing also depends on where to begin from as every step taken reflects differently in the longer run.


If you wish to get your SEO audit done effectively, it is recommended for you to hire a professional SEO company in Ahmedabad. Whether you are a business owner or willing to launch a startup, you will be required to have a step ahead in your digital footprint.

For this matter, SEO audit is the most effective aspect which is highly phenomenal. SEO companies intend to conduct SEO audits from time-to-time, to get you ahead of the competition by having the most exceptional SEO strategy. 

Hire one of the best SEO companies in Ahmedabad, which will foster your business presence in a feasible manner. Moreover, this exceptional agency will also move following every necessary step followed by providing you with quality outputs.

Orangus India has been nurturing the businesses of plenty of individuals ever since its inception. They have successfully completed thousands of projects over the years, thereby making the brand rank on the first page of Google in a given time frame. 

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