Digital agency Bangalore. Renovates your business. Realign. Refresh. Rehash. Digital Transformation. Deliver excellent customer experience. Integrated. Conscious. Transparent. 

Orangus India is the best digital marketing company in india and provides various types of internet marketing services like SEO, email marketing, content marketing, PPC, etc.

Digital agency Bangalore
Digital agency Bangalore

Some of the services offered by the Digital Agency Bangalore are:

Content & Creative strategies:

  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Print Designs
  • Display Advertising
  • Branding services
  • Blog writing
  • Media release

Video production:

  • Brand storytelling through films and videos

Digital strategies:

  • Online Advertising
  • (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Guest Posts
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building 
  • Google Advertisements
  • Website creation and amplification
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
  • 360 Degree Campaign Management, Execution, and Monitoring
  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital Agency Bangalore Email marketing solutions. Affordable. Effective. Customized solutions. Generate awareness. Lead generation. Profitability. See what’s included in our Email Marketing plans and their pricing. Call today to book a slot with our Customer Care Executive. 

  • Target customer analysis and segmentation
  • Creative, relevant and interesting content to catch more eyeballs
  • Measurable results and weekly reporting

Search Engine Optimization:

Digital agency Bangalore have an excellent online experience for your customers. Rank better on search engines. Google. Bing. Yahoo. Authoritative backlinks. Citations. Local Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Creative and Technical SEO in 35 + Languages. Services start at $300 per month. Call now to learn more about our plans. Orangus is also famous for seo company in delhi and Bangalore and other states in India.

  • SEO friendly strategizing, competitor analysis, content writing, optimization
  • Performance-oriented responsive teams
  • Return on Investment orientation

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Most competitive digital agency Bangalore. Competitor analysis. Focused and worthy keywords. Optimized campaigns. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Snapchat. YoutUbe. Google Advertisements campaign execution. Weekly review and Monitoring. Drop in an email to know more about our customized plans. 

  • More serious traffic. More leads. Better revenues
  • Well focused campaigns for enhanced visibility and rankings
  • Overall management, analytics, and monitoring

Website Development

Call digital agency Bangalore for Website Builds a brand’s credibility and uniqueness. Responsive Website designs and development. Cross platform interface and linkages. High performing websites. Excellent content architecture. E-commerce solutions. Online marketplace. We are happy to help you. Call now, to reach us and avail of our services. Contact web designing company in delhi and bangalore for this services.

  • Personalized websites that are functionally integrated and visually pleasing.
  • Latest technical specifications like HTML5, Java Script, Flash etc.
  • Synergistic cross-platform integration with the social media channels of the business.

Other services provided by digital agency Bangalore are:

Online Reputation Management:

An offside of the digital space on the Internet is its usage by disgruntled customers, malicious competitors to spread negative publicity about a brand. Digital company in Bangalore also helps you manage the perceptions that are built around your brand and business. We have strategic plans to manage any negative campaign around your business at the right time before it snowballs into an unmanageable situation. Call us now to know how we can protect your brand by reversing the negative views. Digital agency Bangalore offers the best ORM service, Call Orangus anytime for more information.

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Branding solutions:

We help you carve a unique space for your brand in the digital space that helps consumers in identifying your business vis-avis your competitors. We create a brand identity that is unique and at the same time uniform across all communication channels. Digital agency Bangalore has good strategies and plans to help in Corporate Identity creation, Creation of marketing collaterals, Video and Slide Presentations, Advertising, Stationery, and Merchandise designing and production. Call us today to know more about our customized plans and pricing. 

Social Media Marketing:

It is important for business workers to understand the psyche of their online consumers and be seen where their target audiences are likely to notice them the most. This is imperative for designing high performance strategies. Social media marketing strategies revolve around the single most important element- Content. Unless there is a unique message that engages your targeted consumers each day, they are bound to get bored and distance themselves from your brand. 

Digital Agency Bangalore not only designs content for your social media marketing campaigns but also analyses your targeted customers and creates attractive propositions for your brand. 

We analyze metrics to maximize your returns from your campaign strategies. We have unique strategies for each communication channel like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

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Print Designs:

Print Design is also one of the best digital agency Bangalore. The first impression of your business is the most important touchpoint that you will have with your customers. A favorable perception and image are made by your business collaterals like logo, merchandise, designs, etc. These collaterals set the expectations from your brans, lend identity, and create a story around it. 

Call us today to know more about our plans and affordable pricing policies. We create campaigns after understanding your brand values and ethos. Call us to know more about our services like Logo Designing, Merchandise Designing, Brochure, Posters, Newsletters, Catalogues, Advertisements, Presentations, Business Cards, Stationery etc.

Video Production:

Digital Agency Bangalore helps you create video assets for you to communicate about your business and weaves emotional, effective, and evocative stories. Visual imagery has better retentive power and recalls when it comes to human minds. This is the most experiential and immersive strategy to speak to your existing customers and engage with newer demographics.

Therefore, these are extremely important tools to create a positive impression of your brand and business and capture consumer mindshare. Digital marketing agency in Bangalore provides end-to-end production services for audiovisual communication, video presentations, Television Commercials, WhiteBoard videos, Social Media Videos, etc.

We are experts in producing videos in all formats including 2 Dimension, 3 Dimension videos, Live Action videos, Studio Productions, Vox Pops, Explainer videos, Video Blogs, Event documentation, and coverage, etc. 

Online Advertising:

Call anytime digital agency Bangalore for Online either digital marketing services. Due to the advent of the Internet and digital technology, we have more online connections than those in real life. Due to this, the digital space has become one of the most lucrative spaces for businesses to meet new consumers, engage with existing consumers, build positive perceptions, generate leads and increase sales and revenues.

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore provides an array of services to help businesses create effective online advertising plans. We create digital assets like Pay-Per-Click Advertisements, Impressions, Banner arrangements etc. We help in easy tracking of the campaigns and result in the management within the decided and scheduled frameworks.

Media Planning and Buying:

Digital Agency Bangalore ensures that its targeted consumers generate leads and sales through effective media buying and planning strategies. We undertake an exhaustive study of the ethos and goals of your business and match them with the consumer demographics and availability of lucrative web properties. We have the expertise to design content for media banners on online properties, analyzing your competition, and tracking your investments. Call now to know more about our specialization on Cost per Mile (CPM), Cost per Click, and Cost per Lead services. 

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Some frequently asked questions about digital agency Bangalore:

How can I build high performing and result oriented digital marketing campaign?

Investment in Digital Marketing Campaigns is substantial when it comes to not only monies but also the reputation of your brand.  Before you launch any digital marketing campaign, experts from digital agency bangalore like Orangus  help you to answer these pointers:

  1. What is the goal of launching this campaign? Do you want increased conversions, followers, likes, visits, impressions etc.? Much of the online marketing strategy will be derived from the answer of this question. 
  1. Who are your intended target audiences? Since you cannot target everyone and not everyone will buy your products, this segmentation is extremely important. Another important question to answer is if you targeting other business or end consumers?
  1. Have an in-depth understanding of the demographics of your intended consumers- their purchase patterns, their lifestyle, social preferences, buying preferences, age, networks etc. This will be an important factor in deciding the best strategy and optimum spends.
  1. What is your budget? A clear understanding of your goals will help you decide the optimum strategy and spends associated with it. 
  1. Where do you want to be seen? The digital channels that you choose depend entirely on the nature of your business and the goal of launching this campaign. A combination of channels amplified further by AdSpends goes a long way in giving you the most out of your campaign. 

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What are the metrics that you can use to measure your Digital Marketing Campaign?

There are thousands of numbers and statistical combinations that can be used to give you insight into your campaign’s performance. However, not each metric is applicable to every business and strategy.

For ease of comprehension, these metrics are broadly divided into these three categories:

Conversion Metrics:

Total Conversions: The total number of visitors on your page defines this. These visitors should have done a relevant action of either making a purchase of your product or service, downloading your business information or marketing collateral or subscribed to your mailing list. 

The higher this number, the more successful is your campaign.

  1. Micro conversions: Micro Conversions are the smaller Key Performance Indicators that businesses generally miss. However small, as an aggregate, they contribute to your marketing strategy. 
  1. Click Through Rates (CTR): CTR is very best service in digital agency bangalore. It is very essential to measure the Click Through Rates especially for email marketing and paid ad spends. Higher the Click Through rate, lower is your Cost Per Click and vice versa.
  1. New visitors conversions and repeat visitor conversions: The interaction with new visitors and repeat visitors is very different. A robust analysis plan will help you keep a check on the bounce rates, conversion of the fence sitters and reviewing and refreshing your strategy. 
  1. Cost per Conversion: The Cost per Conversion metric defines your margins. The higher the Cost per Conversion, lower your conversion rate and vice versa. These have a direct impact on your net income.
Traffic Metrics
  1. Total number of visitors

This gives you an idea about the overall efficacy of your campaign. This defines the overall exposure that you have been able to achieve. There are various sources of traffic that need to be managed and understood:

-Direct visitors

– Visitors driven by search queries

– Referred visitors

– Traffic through your social media channels

  1. Return visitors and New visitors

Measuring these metrics gives important insights into the acceptance of the content pushed by you. If you have a high number of return visitors, it means that your content is attractive enough to pull them back. If you have a higher number of new visitors vis-a-vis the return visitors, it means that the needs of these new visitors aren’t being met.

Digital Agency Bangalore helps you in devising strategies that prevent deflection of the new visitors. 

  1. Per Visit Interaction

You can also contact digital agency Bangalore for Analysis of Per Visit Interaction gives you an idea about the time spent on your website pages by the visitors. It also gives you a clear insight into the pages they visited and what was their action corresponding to each page?

  1. Bounce Rates

Bounce rate can be defined as the count in a number of people visiting your site and immediately leaving without spending time or performing any action. This is a good way to understand the shortcomings of your digital marketing strategy, audience targeting, low quality content etc. 

Revenue Metrics
  1. Visit versus the value generated

The Value generated can be divided into two parts- Tangible Value (when the visitors spend monies in buying your products and services) and Intangible Value (When the visitors interact with your business i.e. leaving a review, rating your products and services, etc.)

  1. CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

Cost per Acquisition metric specifically measures the paying customers and visitors and is extremely insightful in determining the success of the spending that you have made on your digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Agency Bangalore helps you in understanding and decoding these metrics to indicate the efficacy of your strategies and investment by knowing how to read trends and variations in the data. This also helps in understanding the areas of improvement and taking corrective action in time. \

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