The Right Seo Company In Kolkata Searching, choosing, and shortlisting the right SEO company in Kolkata is not an easy task. It is relatively tough to find a full-fledged company that can offer you everything you want and moreover is also trustworthy and reliable. Since there are a lot of great firms available, you will be stuck wondering how to filter out the best among all.

SEO Company In Kolkata
SEO Company In Kolkata

Well, in simple terms, according to the statistics, most people rely on reviews to know thoroughly about the company. Your previous experience and established relationships with other companies, turn out to be the reason why would people want to choose you. Choosing the most reliable company comes with a factor which is led by utmost knowledge and process.

Customer assistance shall be the right priority of any company while they are offering services. For the same reason, you need to have a closer look at the staff experience, attributes, success rates, and transparency. These factors make it easier for the seeker to refine and hire the best SEO company in Kolkata.

SEO is such a process for which you need to have a company you can fully trust on. An SEO agency in Kolkata can either make or break your brand. In order to make it better and brighter than earlier, know the process or the gist of how SEO works and what are its hidden formulas to stay ahead of the competition. Selecting a company is not related to the name you merely like which may sound soothing to you. You need to research well and proceed with the same.

Below is a complete checklist is given, to help you choose the most reliable SEO company in Kolkata:

  • Define your SEO goals: Lookout for various SEO companies, and then try to compare their pros and cons. Look out for that kind of SEO company in Kolkata, which would align with your well. Have a check the online areas where you intend to work the most at. For an instance, if you are willing to get started with web designing first, you must know if the company is available to design your website from scratch, provide an appealing theme, with utmost responsiveness, plugin integrations, ease of customization, and more.
  • Referrals and existing relationships: Have a look at the company which already has plenty of established relationships such as Orangus India. They have been serving the industry for 5+ years now, and have happy clients from all over the world. Go and seek information from the best SEO company in Kolkata by having referrals from already known people who might have sought the services. 
  • Identify the techniques they are willing to utilize: Every company follows its own rules and norms. In order to rely on choosing the right company, look at their SEO performance indicators. At times, they might not be able to provide you with the complete detail due to various confidentiality causes but you can have a gist about the way their work is done. If their techniques are following your expectations, then it might be the right company for you. SEO metrics the right company must keep a check on, are rankings, leads, conversions organic traffic, backlinks, CTR, bounce rate, and more.
  • Visit the company: This is one of the best ways to choose an appropriate SEO company in Kolkata. Having face-to-face meetings with bringing utmost transparency. Get to know the people closely who will be involved in the process. This way you can also come in direct contact with the entire team. This will help you gain a better understanding of both the parties making the way easier for you to walk through. Always remember, that the best SEO company in Kolkata will never keep your expectations and demands down. 
  • Have a check on the budget: Before investing in anything, you must know your budget. As mentioned before, every step must be taken with utmost care. Know how much you can afford to spend. Different companies offer different price ranges according to the SEO packages. To make it simpler and easier for you, Orangus India provides different SEO packages keeping in mind your needs and requirements. You must require certain funds for the long haul of SEO campaigns. If you step into a certain company that does not follow proper guidelines, then they have a tendency that they might ruin your brand reputation. 
  • Strength of the team: As huge as the team would be, it will be relatively easy for the company to take on big projects and finish the same on the given deadline. 
  • Authenticity: Research well to look out for the reputation of the company. This will reflect their audacity to provide you with the right services in adherence to what you may have asked for. Get in touch with the #1 SEO company in Kolkata and get ready to give your brand the right edge of professionalism, which it deserves. 
  • SEO company process and knowledge: Always choose a company that consists of various SEO professionals. Without a great advent of knowledge, a company can barely boost its business presence. Years of experience and professional knowledge will reflect how far they can go to make your brand exceptional.
  • Watchout for a company that offers guarantees: There’s a difference between promising to provide positive results and providing the utmost guarantee. You should be careful and suspicious if any company is willing to guarantee you results because to be brutally honest, nobody can predict the SERPs website more precisely. Although certain SEO companies in Kolkata have the will to give a tentative time period, the algorithms of Google are changing every then and now. This solely depends on the number of years a company has spent in the industry and has completed various projects.
  • Gather all the information which is necessary: There is not just one but tons of data that you must lay your eyes on while finalizing the best SEO company in Kolkata. This would range basically from online reviews, case studies, testimonials, survey/statistics, and more. Search about the company on the web or different search engines and research about them thoroughly. Always keep in mind that a reputable SEO company in Kolkata will surely supply you with every bit of information you may require. 
  • Think beyond SEO: after having a complete understanding and a checklist of the above-mentioned areas, taking SEO services is great. Though it is recommended for you to look for an agency that offers even beyond SEO. It is essential to focus on ways that will help you to derive revenue and effective sales. There are certain agencies that take pride in providing various SEO campaigns. You must refind the one which offers thorough knowledge and strategize well to take your brand towards greater heights. Know-how they are following the AB testing methodologies. 

What are the services offered by the best SEO company in Kolkata orangus India

  • Orangus and the team have been actively present in providing SEO services in Kolkata with utmost perfection, perseverance, and dedication. The entire team holds nearly 10+ years of experience in creating unique ad effective SEO strategies. To know more about SEO agency in Delhi for the best SEO services.
  • Orangus India does not just rest on providing SEO services, rather they also focus on web designing, SEO packages, complete digital marketing, and more. Boost your business in the most authentic way with exclusive services offered by Orangus. 

Common SEO fields to be focused on:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. White-hat SEO
  3. Off-Page SEO
  4. On-Page SEO
  5. Local SEO
  6. App Store SEO
  7. Video SEO
  8. Voice search SEO
  9. Link-building techniques
  10. YouTube SEO
  11. eCommerce SEO


SEO is surely a valuable investment and is considered to be one of the longest strategies which will affect your business in the most positive manner. If your budget permits well, then you must hire the right SEO company in Kolkata, which will go beyond ways to help you with the brand upliftment.

Although finding the right company can be extremely difficult and hectic, once you find that perfect one, all your marketing needs, and queries will be solved instantaneously.

Accelerate your research process and strategy by hiring Orangus India. Orangus India is a 5-year young marketing agency that offers 360-degree solutions to market your brand in the most ot-of-the-box formula. Get in touch and explore how your brand will go from nothing to everything in a short period of time.

The team of experts is vested in utmost prosperity and dedication to assist you with what you require. Your demands and preferences will be taken into account in the most exceptional manner to create an effective strategy for you! Contact Orangus India today. 

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