Affiliate Marketing Service

Affiliate Marketing Service

Award Winning Affiliate Marketing Service

Affiliate marketing services involve advertising and selling products through partner sites called “Publishers”. An affiliate marketing channel Has two parties. A merchant/business in need of advertisement who is willing to pay a commission for every lead or sale generated.

Affiliate marketing services have their unique set of advantages and are an essential part of an effective online marketing plan. A significant edge that affiliate marketing has over any other marketing channel is that it is a low-risk, pay for performance type of marketing.

Understanding the importance of precision affiliate program implementation and management, we have put together a dedicated team of Indian marketing experts. They are well equipped technologically to ensure that your affiliate program performs exceptionally well on all the important parameters.

Orangus as Affiliate marketing company assists you to incorporate various affiliate marketing solutions, including introduction, brand building, advertising on the web, and managing your affiliate network in the virtual world. Our team continuously works with your base networks, by promoting your products as a third-party vendor and diverting more web-traffic for your online business.